Cooking with Wild Game: Black Pepper and Juniper Venison Sauce #3

When cooking meats of any type, there may be no sauce like a sauce crafted from the beef trimmings and bones of the animal itself. Here’s one proposal for a incredible venison sauce; use it with any roast or pan-roasted venison, including leg, rack or loin – the black pepper and juniper lends itself nicely to the caramelized taste of the roasted meat.

Yield: 1 cup

½ cup canola oil
2 ¼ lbs. venison bones, chopped into 1” portions (or, 2 lbs bones, ¼ pound meat trimmings)
1 quarts water
1 quarts mild bird inventory
2 quarts veal demi-glace (pleasant: make it your self; extra than gourmand’s prepared made isn’t horrific)
½ lbs. carrots, reduce into ½” portions
½ lbs. onions, ½”
five oz celery, reduce into ½”
three peppercorns, beaten
2 juniper berries, beaten

Heat canola oil over excessive warmth in a heavy pan huge sufficient to maintain bones in a single layer, till simply earlier than smoking. Add bones and prepare dinner dinner till nicely-browned and caramelized – do now no longer flip earlier than a very good crust develops, and as soon as turning, do now no longer stir bones. You need a very good, deep, wealthy caramelizing layer. The previous few mins, upload the beef trimming, in case you are the usage of it. You need a very good russet shadeation to the bones, now no longer black – look ahead to this and discard any blackened bones. Pour off fats from pan.

Add a touch of your water, sufficient to deglaze the pan, booking the relaxation for later. Using a wooden (ideally, flat) spoon, scrape the bones unfastened and scrape up and unfasten any browned bits. In my kitchen, I use to inform my cooks the pan need to appearance, on the lowest, as though it were washed. Add a touch extra water and permit to paintings – concentrate for the crackle to die right all the way down to a mild bubbling, then, because the water evaporates, the gelatin will extract from the bones and it’s going to start to crackle once more. Add ¾ cups of the mild bird inventory and deglaze/reglaze as earlier than. Add veggies and stir to deglaze/reglaze. Add ultimate water, bird inventory, and veal inventory. Deglaze completely and switch to inventory pot.

Bring to a simmer over medium warmth, with pot offset to at least one facet to installation a convection for skimming – for the duration of the method, you don’t need to permit collected scum and impurities to be reincorporated into the sauce, so skim the floor frequently. Skim and simmer for 30-forty five mins or till inventory is at stage of bones. If you’ve got got a pleasant mesh sieve, first stress the sauce thru a rough strainer then thru the pleasant mesh sieve. If now no longer, a rough sieve with a layer of cheesecloth will do. The vital component is to stress with the coarse strainer first, then byskip thru the pleasant strainer. Pour strained inventory into pot. Simmer till decreased to sauce consistency. Last ten mins of reduction, upload your beaten peppercorns and juniper berries, and decrease to one cups. Double stress once more and serve.

Hunting can carry true meals to the desk. As a chef, I constantly sought to marry what I knew with what hunters and farmers constantly knew – the pleasant meals comes from the season and the land one knows. I desire you experience this recipe. Visit me each time for extra guidelines and mind at the outside lifestyles –

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